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WWE WrestleMania results: Damian Preist helps Edge beat AJ Styles



Edge and AJ Styles wrestled for the first time ever at WWE WrestleMania in Dallas.

Notes from the match (written in real-time):

Styles had blood on the side of his face as he walked to the ring. Edge had a throne and fire around him on the stage for his entrance. Styles started out with a dropkick and an arm drag. Styles followed up with a kick to the hamstring.

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Edge tried early for the spear but Styles moved out of the way. Edge eventually took over on offense for the next few minutes. There was a spot in the match where Styles charged at Edge but Edge moved and Styles crashed head first into the turnbuckle. Styles countered a move from Edge with a suplex back first into the turnbuckles.

Moments later, Styles did a springboard DDT off the top rope. Styles tried a powerbomb off the top rope but he transitioned into a torture rack powerbomb. Styles hit some elbows to the head but Edge countered into a jumping DDT. Styles kicked out of the pin attempt. They traded punches, Styles hit a German suplex. Both men were slow to get up.

The next big spot in the match was Edge suplexing Styles off the top rope and onto the ring apron. Styles fought back and he hit a springboard 450 splash on Edge in the ring. Edge missed a spear, Styles hit the Styles Clash, Edge kicked out. Damian Priest showed up at ringside. That allowed Edge to recover and spear Styles as Styles was going for the phenomenal forearm. Edge pinned Styles to win the match.

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