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WWE WrestleMania results: Eddie Guerrero tribute, The Miz turns on Logan Paul



Rey and Dominik Mysterio took on The Miz and Logan Paul at WWE WrestleMania 38.

Notes from the match:

Dominik Guerrero's gear looked like it was a tribute to Eddie Guerrero's gear in AAA. Logan Paul and The Miz came out in matching colored gear and they got massive pyro.

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The match started with The Miz attacking Rey and then Miz quickly tagging in Logan Paul. Logan hit punches to Rey's ribs. Rey grabbed a headlock, did a couple of leapfrogs and a split but Rey kicked him in the head.

After Paul tagged out, he hit Dominik with a cheap shot. Paul hit a running powerslam on Dominik before trying to pin him. Miz tagged in and they double teamed Dominik with kicks to the body. Miz attempted a pin. Paul hit a Buff Blockbuster off the top and then tried for the cover but Dominik kicked out. Miz and Paul double teamed Dominik in the corner. Rey got the hot tag and he hit a flurry of offense on Miz. Rey hit a moonsault but Paul broke up the pin. Soon after, The Miz took a tornado DDT from Rey. Rey the Three Amigos Eddie suplexes.

Paul tagged in and kicked Rey in the head. Paul hit his own Three Amigos Eddie suplexes and fans loudly booed him. Paul did the Eddie shimmy and then hit the frog splash. He went for the pin but Dominik broke it up. Dominik dove through the ropes to take out Miz before running after Paul. Paul ran into Rey's legs and a 619. Dominik and Rey both hit the frog splash but Miz tagged in, hit the skull crushing finale to win the match. After the match, The Miz hit the skull crushing finale on Paul.

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