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WWE WrestleMania results: New Women's Tag Team Champions crowned



The Women's Team Championship was defended at WWE WrestleMania in a Fatal 4-Way match featuring Queen Zelina & Carmella vs. Sasha Banks & Naomi vs. Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan vs. Natalya & Shayna Baszler.

Carmella and Ripley started the match but Carmella quickly tagged out to Banks. Rhea took Banks down, Banks tried the backstabber but Rhea shoved her off. Naomi tagged in as Carmella and Zelina took out Rhea t ringside. Banks and Liv did stereo dives through the ropes on everyone else in the match.

Liv and Sasha traded pin attempts. Liv hit double knees to the face and the oblivion move off the ropes. Nattie tagged in and Sasha was out. Natalya tagged in Shayna. It was Shayna vs. Liv at this point. Shayna attacked Liv's ankle. Carmella tagged herself in against Live. Then it was Zelina vs. Liv. Zelina hit the Code Red on Liv. The other women got in the match, Sasha hit Shayna with the backstabber. Carmella took Rhea off the middle rope with a hurricanrana and Zelina took Ripley out.

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Banks and Naomi worked over Liv but the other women jumped in. They did double tower of doom spots on each side of the ring. Naomi tried to pin Liv, Liv kicked out. Liv and Naomi double teamed Naomi but Banks broke up the pin attempt by Naomi. Rhea was taken out of the ring. There was a lot going on throughout the match with multiple women jumping in at various times. Late in the match, Sasha hit a splash off the top on Carmella and Liv kicked out of the pin attempt. Zelina saved Carmella a few times in the match. Banks hit the meteora on Zelina on the outside. Back in the ring, Banks and Naomi did a combination backstabber move and Banks pinned Carmella to win the titles.

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