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WWE WrestleMania results: Vince McMahon defeated Pat McAfee, Stone Cold Steve Austin returns



In the second to last match of the night, Pat McAfee took on Austin Theory at WWE WrestleMania 38.

Notes from the match (written in real-time):

Vince McMahon walked out first to introduce Austin Theory. He referred to him as a future WWE Universal Champion. McAfee had the Cowboys cheerleaders as part of his entrance and he used "Seven Nation Army" as his theme.

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The match started with right hands by McAfee. Theory chopped McAfee's throat and then he stomped his body. Theory hit back with a spinning elbow and a hurricanrana and pin attempt. Theory countered with a backbreaker and punches to the head. Theory hit a snap suplex as the camera showed McMahon watching from ringside. Another snap suplex by Theory. McAfee countered with his own suplex and a shoulder block that sent Theory off the ring apron and onto the announce table. McAfee rammed Theory's head on the announcer's table while doing his own commentary with the headphones on.

McAfee did a Swanton off the top but Theory moved. McAfee kicked out of the pin attempt. Theory went up top but McAfee stopped him. McAfee went up top, moonsaulted off the top rope, jumped back up top and super plexed Theory off the top rope. McAfee went for the cover, Theory kicked out. The crowd is hot for this match. McAfee missed the punt, Theory took out the knees and he hit a shot to the head. McAfee got a surprise roll up and pinned Theory to win the match.

McAfee taunted McMahon, who was at ringside with Theory. McMahon took off his jacket and tie and shirt. McMahon stood face to face with McAfee. Theory attacked McAfee. The referee started the match and it was officially Vince McMahon vs. Pat McAfee. McMahon continued the attack. McAfee recovered but Theory tripped McAfee and dragged him into the ring post while the referee was distracted. McMahon kicked a Cowboys football into the ribs of McAfee and then he pinned McAfee.

McMahon and Theory celebrated. They hugged and then Stone Cold Steve Austin walked out. Austin took out theory with the stunner. Austin and McMahon shared a beer but it was a swerve and Austin stunned McMahon. It was a bad stunner because Vince stumbled into the ropes before he took the move. Austin stomped Vince out of the ring and then he continued drinking some more beer. He continued celebrating with McAfee in the ring. Austin gave the stunner to McAfee.

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