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WWE wrestlers blame Nia Jax for hurting Kairi Sane on Raw



While there were reports of some people in WWE not blaming Nia Jax for hurting Kairi Sane during a match on Monday’s episode of Raw, there are others who think it was the fault of the former Raw Women’s Champion. Jax also has a history of hurting other stars.

The match, which was taped last week, featured a spot where Jax whipped Sane into the ring steps, which resulted in Sane hitting her head on the steps that caused her to be busted open.

In post-production, WWE made edits to the match to hide footage of the blood coming from the head of Sane. The match was stopped in order for Sane to be cleaned up by doctors. They resumed the match and went to the finish.

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Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Jax is being blamed for the incident.

One veteran wrestler, who watched the contest while it aired on television, stated, “She didn’t whip her, she grabbed her by the head and threw/shoved her. It was 100% Nia’s fault. She never let Kairi find her balance after pulling her out of the ring, she then pushed her head down so Kairi would be unable to see and then threw her forward hard head first off balance towards the steps. Kairi has zero chance.”

Another person told Meltzer that while the word going around backstage is that it was not Jax’s fault, by watching the spot on television, “It did look to be 100 percent her fault.”

As of this writing, there’s still no word yet on how serious the injury is. The only thing known about her status came on the same night of the match, which was that Sane was said to be okay.