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WWE wrestlers have privately reached out to Zelina Vega to offer support

Since the news broke on Friday about Zelina Vega’s (Thea Trinidad) firing from WWE, there hasn’t been much support shown for her on social media from WWE wrestlers but privately, they are behind her and they are hoping that things will change when President-Elect Joe Biden takes office on January 20.

Dave Meltzer discussed SAG-AFTRA’s interest in helping wrestlers and Andrew Yang’s commitment to take action on WWE’s classification of wrestlers as independent contractors.

Meltzer said, “They are all looking for Andrew Yang to save the day. Perhaps he will…I do not see any kind of numbers of people who are gonna stick their neck on the line and do this fight.”

Meltzer added, “In WWE, the one thing is that ever since the thing happened with Thea on Friday, with the exception of Paige, has anyone come to her defense publicly? I know privately people have backed her and they have to me but no one has done it publicly and I never got the impression that anyone would so she is kind of off on her island or whatever. SAG-AFTRA is a real power group but the wrestlers would have join and they would want it and that makes that one tough.”

Meltzer noted again that the wrestlers he has talked with all want Yang to take action when Joe Biden takes office.

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