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WWE wrestlers not happy about Lio Rush's comments about his pay

Lio Rush

Lio Rush is not on the current WWE European tour. No decision has been made on what to do with him but there's been talk of sending him back to NXT.

On a recent PWInsider audio show, Mike Johnson noted that Rush's recent comments about his pay got a lot of people upset with him. Rush talked about being broke and this was despite him turning down a $300,000/year offer to stay with WWE. The story is that he wanted to double that amount.

Johnson said, "There's a lot of people in the company who are very upset with him about the claim that he wasn't making a livable wage and we've heard from a number of wrestlers that, if he wasn't' making a liveable wage, why was he able to bring his wife with him on the road every weekend and why was he flying in first class with his wife as often as he was?"

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Johnson added, "There were a number of times wrestlers saw him or passed him in first class or sat with him in first class or passed by him to go to coach so there were some people who were not happy with him."

Rush was almost released in late 2017 for joking about Emma's (Tenille Dashwood) release from the company. Some feel that he would have been fired if he had not apologized so quickly. There have been plenty of stories from people in the company about Rush rubbing people the wrong way. Rush calls it confidence but people that have been around him feel that he borders on arrogance.

Rush has been asking for a bigger push and has told people that he sees himself as a top babyface star.