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WWE's Alexa Bliss addresses rumors of backstage heat with Ronda Rousey



A rumor has been gaining steam on social media this weekend about Alexa Bliss allegedly having heat with Ronda Rousey.

The rumor claims: "Bliss reportedly disliked working with Ronda due to her reckless in-ring style causing injuries. The shade thrown at Rousey from Alexa in a group chat with other WWE women confirmed the heat and the timing did see Bliss miss out on many months of action after getting banged up."

Bliss shot that rumor down and said that it was "comical & untrue."

Her full response reads, "This is quite comical & not true . I’m only in one group chat & it’s with my bridal party 😂 … #keeptryingtrolls"

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The rumors about heat between Bliss and Rousey have been out there for a couple of years after Bliss stated on the "WWE 365" show that she suffered a concussion at Hell in a Cell 2018 in a match with Rousey. Bliss also talked about suffering a concussion in another match against Rousey at a house show.

In April of 2020, some of the WWE talent lashed out at Rousey for going on Steve-O's show and referring to pro wrestling as "fake fights for fun."

During an interview with, Bliss said, "To kind of say what we do is fake is not fair. It’s scripted, 100 percent finish is scripted, but we tell people that. But don’t say what we do is fake because that’s just insulting."

Bliss later said that the locker room quickly moved on from that situation but Rousey probably should have apologized. "But you hash it out and you get over it and you work together and now we all get along great and we are all one big family. I think she may have some apologizing to do because it was disrespectful and our company is built on respect. But I don’t see why she wouldn’t be welcome with open arms."

Despite the rumors, it looks like there is currently no heat between Bliss and Rousey.