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WWE's Alexa Bliss apparently not happy about Jade Cargill's comments about Athena (Ember Moon)

Alexa Bliss is firing back at someone who recently had some not-so-nice things to say about her friend Athena (Ember Moon).

Bliss tweeted, "I’d love to get mad at someone who’s coming after my bestie… but I’m still trying to figure out who the heck they even are … ? @AthenaPalmer_FG"

Bliss did not say her name but this is apparently in response to what Jade Cargill tweeted earlier today about Athena. Athea posted a selfie on Twitter and then Cargill quote tweeted:

"You ask me. You look rather “Mandy-ish”. I thought you weren’t trying to be sexy? 🫠 got close to a REAL goddess and seen you have to switch it up! 😘👑 but you guys want this woman to take my spot? Bitch GTFOH.
@AthenaPalmer_FG @AEW"

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The "Mandy-ish" line is referring to Athena's comments about WWE reportedly wanting the women in NXT to look "sexier" and more like Mandy Rose. Athena hasn't responded to Cargill as of this posting but she has liked Bliss' tweet.

Cargill and The Baddies are feuding with Athena, Kris Statlander, and Anna Jay on AEW TV.

UPDATE: Athena has responded: