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WWE’s Baron Corbin to Jake and Logan Paul: “I’m happy to break one of your faces for a nice payday”

Corbin talking about his Golden Gloves boxing background and said he wouldn’t mind fighting Jake or Logan Paul:

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin was interviewed on The Pat McAfee Show on Thursday to talk about WWE, football, boxing and sports in general.

Corbin talked about being a diehard Kansas City Chiefs fan and why he would never commit to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Corbin, a former Golden Gloves boxer, talked about the big money in the sport especially in the last several months with companies like Triller getting involved and promoting freak show events. Corbin said that if there was a nice payday involved, he would love to step into a boxing ring with Jake Paul or his brother Logan Paul.

Corbin said the following when he was asked about his love for boxing: “I loved it and I miss it too. Dude, there’s so much money in it right now. Jake Paul or his brother, yo, hey, you want some, come get it. I’m happy to break one of your faces for a nice payday. Maybe I can fight both of them at the same time. There’s something special about boxing and hitting somebody square in the face hard enough that you feel their face through your glove and then they go down and you know it’s over. You don’t even have to watch them fall. You know this dude’s done. His cheek just touched his brain. I think I’ve had thirtysomething fights.”

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