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WWE’s concussion lawsuit isn’t going away

The Boston Globe recently ran a story about the kind of thing you know exists but you still hate seeing. CTE is an issue that really scares people and professional sports alike but sadly there are also several unanswered questions concerning the issue just due to the simple fact that there hasn’t been that much research on the subject at this point. But as the years roll on more testing and studies will most likely mean additional information on the subject matter.

The Globe’s story revolves around the current concussion lawsuit involving WWE currently spearheaded by attorney Konstantine Kyros. WWE issued a statement saying Kyros “has been repeatedly admonished by the court for presenting false and misleading information, and no medical report was included in this filing.” Therefore this issue could be best served with a grain of salt but the information Kyros is submitting doesn’t look good for WWE.

Rex King passed away in January and is the subject of this lawsuit as well as several other former WWE employees including Jimmy Snuka and Mr Fuji who are also sadly no longer with us. They were all said to have been diagnosed with CTE due to the punishment they put their bodies through their careers. Most fans might not realize Fuji took a lot of bumps before he was strictly a manager too but he did and if you’ve never seen how stiff Fuji used to be in the ring then it’s certainly worth “a Google.”

In total, six former WWE employees represented in this lawsuit who are deceased were diagnosed with the degenerative brain disease CTE including Chris Benoit, Test, and Balls Mahoney and the three mentioned above. Axl Rotten was also said to have the early stages of CTE when he passed away as well. This information was submitted to the US District Court in Connecticut after autopsies proved the presence of CTE.

It looks like this concussion lawsuit isn’t going away anytime soon. But as WWE reviews the documents and takes the medical information into consideration they’ll have time to prepare a defense.

But no matter how hard they try to make this case about Kyros as an attorney, he continues to assert: “This case is not about the messenger. It is about the injured wrestlers.’’

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