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WWE’s Dana Brooke calls out ex-boyfriend Enes Kanter for cheating on her

Dana Brooke’s dating life seems to be on track now with Dave Bautista but she hasn’t forgotten what she says her ex did to her.

In a now-deleted tweet, Brooke said the following:

“Let’s play a game: can anyone guess who the BIGGEST LIAR & NARCISSIST IS!?!? I hate liars !!!!!!! Be honest & life is that much easier !!!”

Several fans correctly guessed that she was talking about Boston Celtics star Enes Kanter and she confirmed this several times on Twitter.

As previously noted, their relationship ended a few months ago and, based on the tweets above, it looks like the alleged cheating on his part may have been her breaking point.

As you can see below, Brooke is getting ready for WrestleMania weekend in Tampa, Florida where Dave Bautista will get inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.


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