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WWE's Dana Brooke involved in a bad car accident

WWE star Dana Brooke announced on social media that she was not at Raw last night because she was in a "bad car accident" this past week.

Brooke noted that she expects to be back "in no time" so it sounds like she thankfully was not seriously injured.

Brooke tweeted, "Much ❤️ to the #wweuniverse for the support & love, standing up for me! The reason why I was not on RAW last night was bc I got into a bad car accident the past week, I am doing good & will be back in no time! I really appreciate the love & couldn’t ask for better Fan support"

We send best wishes to her on a speedy recovery. Brooke is regularly featured in the 24/7 Title segments and she recently got a win over former Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch.

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