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WWE's Forgotten Sons stable may be done



There are questions about the future of The Forgotten Sons group on WWE TV.

That doesn't mean that they are being released but if/when they return to WWE programming, they may be split up and/or repackaged.

Dave Meltzer noted in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that even before they were taken off TV, there were people in the company who felt that The Forgotten Sons gimmick was probably not the right thing to put on television at the time. The unrest in the country would certainly make it harder for WWE to justify bringing the gimmick back to TV.

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The group, which also consists of Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake, has not appeared on WWE TV since Jaxson Ryker's pro-Trump and anti-Black Lives Matter posts on social media in early June. This week, Ryker may have dug a bigger hole for himself when he sent out an anti-mask tweet. At the time of the initial tweets, the group was in the middle of a push and they were feuding with The New Day.

Based on his Instagram posts, Ryker seems eager to return to SmackDown but it's worth noting that there were people in the company, including wrestlers, who were not happy about his comments on social media. Blake and Cutler distanced themselves from Ryker's comments back in June.