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WWE’s idea for Alexa Bliss’ new role has apparently been scrapped

It will be interesting to see what WWE has planned for January as they have scrapped a few storylines due to the recent “shake up” announced by the McMahon family.

As noted earlier, it looks like the planned heel turn for Shane McMahon has been scrapped. The idea was that he would turn in January.

Since WWE is going with the idea that they would not have authority figures, they have pulled Paige from the role of General Manager of SmackDown Live. A new role will be announced for her in the near future.

It also looks like the plan for Alexa Bliss to be the new authority figure has been scrapped. There was talk of Bliss replacing Baron Corbin after the TLC pay-per-view but there was no mention of that on Monday.

Bliss has been out of action since October due to multiple concussions. At this point, there is still no word on her future in the ring but she has said that she intends to wrestle again.

For what it’s worth, Vince McMahon made the decision to appear on Raw on Friday, shortly before it was announced on social media so there is no doubt that there were plans for Raw that were changed.

The return of the McMahon’s did help the show because ratings were up this week. Ratings are expected to go up in January when football season wraps up and that is when WWE will be executing some of their big ideas leading up to the Royal Rumble.

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