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WWE’s Jaxson Ryker says Black Lives Matter is garbage: “realize how good you all actually have it”

There is more heat on WWE Superstar Jaxon Ryder (Chad Lail) today after an old Facebook post was uncovered with his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement.

The post from July 2019 reads: “Pretty touchy subject but all this black lives matter garbage baffles me. I challenge anyone of any color or race to go watch 12 years a slave, the movie and realize how good you all actually have it. Learn heritage. Christ, Gandhi, Budda; they all Taught love and caring for others. This is getting out of hand. I Pray for this nation daily.”

The post is still up on Ryker’s Facebook feed but after someone posted a screenshot on Twitter, the settings on his feed were changed so that the post could no longer be seen by anyone who is not his Facebook friend.

This comes after Ryker tweeted his support for President Donald Trump amid the protests and riots happening across the country. The tweet caused several wrestlers and many of his followers to react negatively. Scroll down to see the screenshot of his Facebook post from July 2019 and scroll down further to see the tweet from last night with reactions from some wrestlers, including tag team partners Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake.

Wesley Blake “liked” the following tweets from tag team partner Steve Cutler:

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