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During WWE Crown Jewel, Michael Cole noted that Jey Usos will undergo an MRI this week after injuring his wrist because the belief is that it's broken.

Jey went out to the ring with his wrist and hand taped up for the Tag Team Title match against The Brawling Brutes. Cole noted that the injury is believed to have occurred during one of the live events in Europe and he will have it scanned to get a diagnosis.

Apparently, the plan is for Jey to continue wrestling because, after the win at Crown Jewel, it was noted that they will wrestle The New Day on SmackDown this Friday. If The Usos win then they will surpass The New Day's record title run.

If Jey is unable to wrestle then they would have to find a replacement. Sami Uso is a possibility but at this point, they are advertising that Jey will be in the match on Friday. 

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If WWE is forced to replace Jey, this all can still fit into the Bloodline storyline. If Sami steps in and teams with Jimmy, this would only help to build on the tension that Sami and Jey have had in recent weeks especially if Sami gets the win for his team on Friday.