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Madcap Moss was interviewed on "Out of Character with Ryan Satin" to talk about his football career, his days in NXT, his feud with Happy Corbin, growing up a wrestling fan and more.

Moss talked about wanting to be in the NFL when he was playing college football:

"I was a huge WWE fan as a kid, but there was never any other possibility other than NFL to me, like it was just going to happen. There was no doubt in my mind. When I look back on it now, I can look back and say, 'I'm glad it didn't happen.' I'm glad it worked out the exact way that it did. This is where I belong. I'm much more comfortable doing this. I enjoy it more. But at the time when it didn't happen, it was tough.”

On his interactions with Corbin before they got paired together:

"He was in NXT when I first got there, and honestly, me and him were always really cool. We weren't super close. But he rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. I actually appreciated his take on the business. It was just a very businesslike approach. When he went up to the main roster, I really started to admire his work. I learned about what we did, and just the way he worked, the way he got the most out of everything that he did, the way he protected his finish, all of these things.”

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“I was thoroughly entertained by the Broke Corbin stuff. I had no idea that they were thinking about putting me with him or anything like that. I was training at the Performance Center, kind of finishing up my rehab and they told me then what I was going to do.”

“Corbin and I had a bit of a friendship beforehand, but we weren't super close. We had kind of admired each other's work and what we could bring to the table from afar. I couldn't imagine having a better person to help bring me along and kind of teach me in my early stages of this character.”

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