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WWE's move to Fox could cause a lot more changes for Superstars

WWE Smackdown Live Fox

SmackDown Live is moving to Fox starting in October 2019 and they will remain a live show. This is great news for fans because a live show is always more fun (sometimes) but it is still presenting a couple different dilemmas for WWE from a logistical standpoint.

For one thing, WWE historically runs a house show on Friday nights so the television show's rescheduling means Superstars could be required to alter their travel routine greatly. If they change the house show date around to Thursday or Tuesday then it could be a problem with them on a personal level because they have little enough time at home as it is.

There were also rumors that Fox might want a one-hour in-studio show much like what UFC had. However, WWE's lack of transparency might present an issue to a show with a journalistic theme diving into hot-button industry topics. But it looks like one thing we're pretty sure about at this point is Fox isn't looking to bring on any more shows at this point with in-ring action and WWE isn't interested in rehoming their WWE Network exclusive programming.

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"They're not shopping NXT at least for now," Dave Meltzer commented on Wrestling Observer Radio. "There are no plans for NXT or 205 Live on television. They are still planned on the Network. What's going to happen to 205 Live, who knows? I mean right now I guess the idea most likely is that 205 Live will move to Friday night at 10:00 pm, that would make the most sense."

Then it was noted by Meltzer that the most sense would be to actually film WWE's Cruiserweight Showcase on Fridays at 7:00 pm before SmackDown Live kicks off. That way they would have a much better chance of performing in front of an audience who aren't burned out or already departed from the arena.

Then again, the idea has been out there for a while now that WWE might be best to remove the live aspect from 205 Live and record the show before SmackDown because recording after the Blue Brand's television show hasn't provided the most exceptional results. But at least point NXT doesn't need much changing and since it's not broken WWE isn't looking to fix it.

Only time will tell what WWE does with 205 Live, but they need to figure something out because October 2019 is getting closer every day.

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