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WWE's new directive on hiring women is they need to be 25 or younger

WrestlingNewsCo composite/WWE

WrestlingNewsCo composite/WWE

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that age was likely also a factor with some of the recent talent cuts.

As previously noted, the idea with NXT 2.0 is to push younger talent that can eventually break through as top stars on the main roster and they are looking for future WrestleMania main eventers.

Meltzer noted that the company is well aware that they don't have enough talent in their 20s on TV and going forward, they want to sign bigger, younger talent with legitimate athletic backgrounds.

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Meltzer added, "The new directives on hiring new women is the recommendations are 25 or younger." On NXT TV, the announcers have mentioned that Cora Jade is 21 years old because they want to appeal to the younger demo.

Taya Valkyrie (Franky Monet) fired back on Twitter at someone who brought up her age.

She tweeted:

"STFU…. I just turned 38, I’ve been ashamed to even SPEAK about my age until today. 38 is not old…especially when you’re a man. Process that."

"Age should never be and issue a d I’m sick of ppl using that as a reason that someone should lose their job. I’m a women, a wife a mother to 2 dogs, an aunt and a friend. Nobody should EVER say that 38 is old. GROW UPPPPP"