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WWE's Paige adds fuel to rumors about in-ring comeback



Paige just sent out a tweet to her followers that will only add to the speculation that she is looking at making an in-return.

The former WWE Divas/NXT Champion simply said on Twitter: "I’m not done yet."

As noted earlier, comments made on social media in June and on a recent Twitch stream indicate that her neck is getting better and there's a chance that she could get cleared to wrestle again at some point.

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In June, Paige said that she recently squatted 185 pounds and that her neck is getting stronger. This week on Twitch, she said that her WWE contract is up in June of 2022 and she doesn't know if they want to offer her a new contract.

Paige said on Twitch, "Who’s to say they would want to? If they did, I’d love to have Twitch as a part of the contract."

If WWE does not offer her a contract to stay then there are options for her and if she is healthy, then one has to assume that All Elite Wrestling would be interested in adding her to their women's division.