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WWE’s plans for the new female face of the company, Lana getting a name change?

I noted several months back that Lana was Vince McMahon’s favorite Diva. Dave Meltzer reported in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter that the long-term plan right now is for her to be the female face of the company once she’s officially a babyface.

There’s no word on what they will do about her accent but you would have to imagine that they’d have to explain to the audience that she’s really American. Perhaps they’ll just say that she was a spy or something along those lines. Meltzer reports that the plan is for her to keep the name Lana but there has been some talk of letting her use the name CJ (her real name is CJ Perry). The idea behind letting her use the name CJ is that people think hot blonde because of the CJ character in Baywatch that was played by Pamela Anderson.

Lana and Rusev are a real-life couple so it will be interesting to see if they ask her to not post photos with Rusev on social media once they break up in WWE storylines.

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