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On the latest "Oh You Didn't Know" podcast, Road Dogg discussed the issues in Saudi Arabia in 2019 that led to NXT talent being brought up to do an "invasion" on SmackDown.

Road Dogg was asked what he thinks about the Saudi Arabia shows and the presentation:

"I think a lot of people have an opinion one way or another. I think when you look at it from a business standpoint, and I don't know how else a business is supposed to look at it, it's a smart business transaction. I think the shows, what a presentation, and they look great. They put their money where their mouth is and then they put on a great show. They've been doing it every year now."

Road Dogg talking about a bomb dog attacking Drake Wuertz at an NXT house show several years ago:

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"One time the bomb dog attacked Drake Wuertz. He was asleep. He was the production referee, so he had to be there early to help put the ring up. So he was asleep in the room and they let the bomb dog in, and the dog just went and attacked him and started biting him. Yeah. I went to the emergency room with Drake. Yeah, that's a true story, man. I got pictures on my phone of his dog bite and it was serious. The police department came back and kind of brushed it over like, 'Yeah, well, whatever. He shouldn't have been in there.' I was like, ‘Your friggin dog bit my boy.' 

"On his arm, on his shoulder, all over his bicep, dude, there were holes. There were holes all in him." It's a bomb dog. What do you think, that his arm was gonna blow up? Stupid German Shepherd.”

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