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Sportskeeda's Riju Dasgupta recently interviewed WWE SmackDown star Solo Sikoa. Solo was asked how he feels The Bloodline compares to D-Generation X and what it was like seeing them on the same show he was on:

"Childhood memories, man, growing up watching them as a little kid. I'll still watch it. When I saw them, I was like damn. It was pretty cool to relive that moment, knowing the fan inside of me and as a kid inside of me. If you want to be honest, man, you know, The Bloodline has all the belts. DX, there wasn't a point in time where they had all the belts. That just shows you who's the dominant faction, whether it's back then or not. So that's my answer."

On trying to not laugh working with Sami Zayn:

"We do rehearsals and he says, 'We'll do this, this, and that.' Then when we got out there, I was like, 'Man, you didn't do this or that. Why didn't you tell me you were going to do that? You're all up in my face laughing.' He's like, 'Man, I'm gonna make you crack. I'm going to make you laugh one of these days, and he's still trying to. I'm trying my hardest not to. It's difficult."

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If you missed it, Sami almost made Solo laugh during his appearance on WWE's The Bump. Check out the clip below and scroll down for the full interview with Sportskeeda.

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