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WWE's TV-PG era has apparently ended

Vince McMahon TV PG

It looks like the PG era has least for this week and possibly for all future shows.

At the start of this week's episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, the rating said the show was rated TV-14. This appears to be a sudden change because the cable guides still list the show as TV-PG.

The TV-PG rating is something that fans have wanted to see changed for years because the feeling is that the shows are too safe and sanitized.

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We'll see if the TV-14 rating is something that is permanent. If it is over, then it could lead to edgier storylines and may give WWE freedom to cross lines that they haven't crossed in almost 20 years.

I doubt we'll see anything like the Attitude Era but the rating could lead to a change in how they present their storylines and characters.