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WWE’s veteran talent unhappy with their recent video game checks

Everyone who appeared in the WWE 2K15 game recently got another check for $10,000. That is larger than the usual third check for the game. The first check was about $12,000 and there was a middle check that was a few thousand. Talent has been paid roughly $25,000 for the game. Last years checks were down because THQ declared bankruptcy. $25,000 is nowhere near what veteran talent is used to getting for video game revenue.

In the past it was $75,000 so the veteran talent is not happy. The checks this year are a quarter behind so the check they just got was for the period that ended at the end of June so they should be getting a bigger check based on the current quarter revenues. Revenues come in a little bit slower based on the new 2K deal.

Royalties are way down because the licensing division is way down.

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