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WWF Superstars is coming to the WWE Network

WWF Superstars logo 1992

Before Monday Night Raw came along in 1993, their A-show was the syndicated WWF Superstars show that aired in most of the country on weekends in morning timeslots. Fans have been wondering why the show has taken so long to make it to the WWE Network.

Well, if you want to go back and watch some of those classic Superstars episodes then you will have your chance on January 21st. According to WWE Network News, that is the date when Superstars episode will be added to the on-demand section of the network.

The shows that will be uploaded will start from April 1992. As of now, they are not going to upload shows before that date because of legal issues relating to the Superstars of Wrestling trademark that is owned by someone else. Superstars of Wrestling is what the show was called before April 1992.

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WWF Superstars began in late 1986 and was the show that featured all of the big angles that hyped the pay-per-views and Saturday Night's Main Event specials.

There is no word on when they will start adding episodes of Wrestling Challenge, the B-show for many years until it became an afterthought when Raw launched in 1993.