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Xavier Woods on his way to E3, Lana wants to crush Naomi’s glow

Xavier Woods is a pretty big geek and he probably wouldn’t deny that fact at all. In fact he embraces every aspect of “geekdom” and revels in all things pop culture.

The word geek has come a long way because it used to mean a simpleton evolving into meaning someone in a circus side-show who bit the heads off of chickens and rats and chomped off chunks of snakes. The word soon came to mean someone who lacked social graces. But in 2017, “geek” is a word that some people literally have tattooed on them because they are so proud of the distinguished title.

Woods is host of the very popular YouTube channel “Up, Up, Down, Down” where he partakes in all things video games and geek culture and today he’s setting off for somewhere special. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3) is the yearly assembly of his people and there’s no way Woods is going to miss the massive gaming and pop culture event.

The former WWE World Tag Team Champion and 1/3 of The New Day recently tweeted a picture of himself from a plane on his way to E3. He’s obviously extremely excited for the event as evidence by the fact that he’s biting on his electronic device to hold in his enthusiasm.

SmackDown Live really is the land of opportunity. It seems that they have gotten in the trend recently of giving people title shots who were nowhere close to the title picture only a short time ago. First it was the Modern Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal, and now The Ravishing Russian Lana is getting her turn.

When Lana made her debut on SmackDown Live with her new gimmick and entrance music (but same fake Russian accent) she was way more over with the WWE Universe than the office ever expected. She came down and immediately inserted herself in the SmackDown Women’s Title picture and people bought it.

We’re not sure if it was because Lana ticked Naomi off by interfering in her match or WWE just didn’t have anyone else to face The Glow because all the other available women were already booked in the first-ever Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder match, but Lana got her title shot.

Upon entering the arena on SmackDown Live this week Lana received plenty of “we want Rusev” chants from the packed arena of passionate fans. But she isn’t going to stand in her husband’s handsome shadow for long. She wants Noami’s SmackDown Women’s Championship to become Ravishing and promises to crush her glow.


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