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Xavier Woods on Kofi Kingston’s WWE Title win at WrestleMania: “I didn’t know it was going to happen”

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods was recently interviewed on “INSIGHT by Chris Van Vliet.” Woods talked about The New Day, UpUpDownDown, G4TV, Kofi Kingston as the WWE Champions and much more.

Here are some highlights:

Xavier Woods explaining how he got into WWE:

“When I sent myself the first time, I sent in a full resume, cover letter, all that stuff and got made fun of by a bunch of people.  I thought, ‘Is this not a job?’  This is what I was taught.  It’s a profession.  I’m supposed to come to you and speak to you respectfully, and show you where I’ve worked before, what I’ve done, and why I should be working.  Like, I don’t understand why I’m being made fun of.  But, I did that and brought stuff to them.  WWE was the only group that sent me a letter back.  I sent them to indies all across the place and overseas.  WWE was the first place to send me one and they told me, ‘At this time, you’re not the height that we’re looking for.  We’re looking for guys that are over six feet tall, but try again in a few years.’  I got lucky enough to get a job in TNA, like six months before I graduated college.  Then once my run ended there, I sent myself to WWE again, and luckily, they said that they remembered me sending in the resume last time because nobody ever brought resumes.  They would just send in tapes or DVDs.  At that point, do you remember Lightscribe DVDs?  I took my 8 X 10 and LightScribe it on the DVD with my name, my phone number, my contact and all that stuff.  If you wanted to contact me, you could have, because it was all over that folder.  They said they remembered that and the fact that I went somewhere else to try to get more experience that they appreciated that.  Then I got the tryout and it kind of went from there”

Woods was asked what it was like being ringside when Kofi Kingston won the WWE Title knowing what was going to happen at the end of that match:

“I didn’t know it was going to happen.  I said, ‘Don’t tell me because if the outcome is told to me, and then it changes mid-match, I don’t know what I’m going to do, so don’t tell me a thing.’  I knew what we had to do at the end, but I didn’t know anything after that.  I assumed, but, all of that was so real because it was something that made it all real.  Not that it wasn’t real before, because we got to do amazing stuff up to that point, but this was the thing that said, ‘It’s not just us having fun, having a good time, and having a good laugh with the people.’  No.  We’ve created something that is worth what we believe it’s worth.  Now, everyone sees what it’s worth.  It’s not just wrestling.  It’s not just Kofi.  It’s not just E.  It’s not just me.  It’s everybody.  It’s everybody who’s been in the situation where you walk into work and you do everything humanly possible to move ahead, but you just can not, and as you’re there crushing it, you see so many people with no experience, with very little experience, or whoever done anything close to the things you’ve done or been through to get to where you are, and they are not even walking, they’re flying past you with no one saying a word to you about you and your position.  At that point, at that moment, it made every decision that I’ve made in my life to get to WWE, to get to Kofi and E, to get to that WrestleMania moment, it made every single one correct, because you never know if you’re making the right choice.  You have an idea, but you don’t know if you’ve done the right thing.”

Click below to check out the full interview.

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