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Yes! Yes! Yes!

YES! YES! YES! He’s finally back. It’s been many months. All of our problems will be solved soon. That’s what the WWE was thinking when I signed up for their WWE Network’s one-week free trial. Those many months have actually been 14+ years of me not watching wrestling. All it took was being sick at home from work one day with nothing saved up on the DVR and me forgetting to cancel my subscription once I was back to work the next day. Let me tell you though, forgetting to unsubscribe has been a very positive consequence in my eyes. It was the ads for WrestleMania 30 and its main star, Daniel Bryan, which had intrigued me enough to sign up even in the first place. So I guess I can blame or thank him. I just needed to find out more about this shaggily bearded mountain man, who had all of the fans on their feet chanting, “YES! YES! YES!”.

After I realized I was invested for at least six months of WWE content, I figured I would make the most of it. At first I was re-watching pay-per-views from my era, the ‘Attitude Era’, but slowly caught up to 2014 by skipping a PPV or 7 at a time. This didn’t keep Daniel Bryan matches from sneaking into my watch list every now and then. What was it about him that had me continually wanting to watch? It was time to witness his ascent to top maybe that will explain it.

I chose WrestleMania 29 as my starting point and started watching every Raw and SmackDown from then on. At first I was a little skeptical I had started too far back. I wasn’t afraid of the daunting 116 shows I was going to sit through, but Bryan was currently part of the Tag Team Champion Team Hell No and his jacket/shirt had ‘No!’ on them at that time. It was actually an amazing spot to start since I would get to learn more about Bryan’s character and was shocked to see the fans exuberantly chant “Yes!” as Bryan yelled “No!”. It was a nice throw in that it coincided with the rise of The Shield. This brings us to the 6-man tag match featuring The Shield versus The Undertaker & Team Hell No on the Raw in London I was watching.

Now the reason I wanted to give you a little preamble about how I got back into wrestling was so you could get to know me a little better. I feel it is important to also let you know that I will be tackling a lot of silly subjects and really sharing my experience as a “dumb” fan trying to become “smart”. Some of my questions are rhetorical and some I genuinely want to know the answer to, but I digress. Let’s go back to Raw in London.

The match ends by Daniel Bryan climbing the turnbuckle and diving off for his finisher, the flying head-butt. But Dean Ambrose had recovered enough to move out of the way and then roll up a discombobulated Bryan for the win. It got me thinking. Man, Bryan really got messed up from missing that high-risk high-reward move. (We are now in wrestling kayfabe world. If that makes sense, I may be using it wrong.) How come he doesn’t get messed up when he lands the moves? It is essentially the same part of his body hitting the floor/opponent’s body when he misses as when he lands it, that being his forehead/face plus the rest of his body. Does having an opponent’s body there help absorb some of the impact?

Is there a real answer to this question? Probably not. And maybe it’s just the old, “Come on, wrestling is fake, just let it happen.” For a lot of the acting, I will suspend my beliefs. In the end though wrestling is just supposed to be fun and I make up an easy and lighthearted answer for myself. Which is OF COURSE there is a difference moron! When landing this highly technical aerial assault with an opponent below, only one’s top of the head strikes the opponent.  This being the hardest part of a human’s head, it is able to absorb the impact. With no opponent below, one’s face and chest hit the ground leaving them vulnerable for a pin.

Originally I thought it was the high flying moves, like the diving head-butt, combined with his technical wrestling ability that lead me to enjoy watching Daniel Bryan wrestle so much. I feel it’s that he is constantly the underdog whether he’s in or out of the ring. While in the ring, it’s easy to see Kane or The Undertaker towering of Bryan, making him appear tiny. Out of the ring, Kane goofs on Bryan wanting to discuss a game plan with The Undertaker, making him seem nerdy and nervous. Package all of those things together, along with him being able to connect with the fans and solid skills on the mic and it’s easy to see why he became WWE Champion and I am now a WWE Network subscriber. I was extremely glad Bryan did not retire and instead will return at this year’s Royal Rumble in my city of Philadelphia! Thank you Daniel Bryan for bringing me back to wrestling.


The Brainstorm:

So this is how this will work. It appears at the end so I can drop some random and undeveloped thoughts about anything wrestling related. Both current and past timelines I am watching, however many that may be. Some may be almost complete thoughts and others will be brain farts. Let’s try it out.

  • NXT Revolution was incredible –> Me, YouTube, & Kevin Steen –> Realizing El Generico was Sami Zayn in that ladder match versus Steen –> Package Piledriver –> Package Piledriver Highlights –> When does Steen get called up to main roster?
  • Are the Usos fat now? It looked like they packed some pounds on when they won the tag titles. Maybe that’s why they got the belts, to cover up their guts. Anyways, I went to Twitter to check and only like 3 people tweeted about thinking they looked fat. Take that for what its worth. I did learn from one of the tweets that they were Rikishi’s kids.
  • While Cesaro was cutting his promo on Monday’s Raw he kind of messed up. He said those four ropes or something along those lines. Which I caught but totally was still following him and didn’t think he needed to correct him by saying, “There’s four sides.” I went on YouTube to check to see what he said, but it seems that part may have been cut. I wonder if they cut out a lot of stuff on the Network? (Found unedited one…)
  • Currently Fast Forwarding: All Swagger Jack. Past and present. Or Jack Swagger, whatever his name is. What’s his deal anyway? Is there something I should watch on the network where I will like him?


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