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Yet another WWE 24/7 title change

WWE 247 Championship

The WWE 24/7 Champion is back in the hands of R-Truth.

Truth lost it earlier to Jinder Mahal before boarding the plane for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia but Mahal's reign came to an end when Truth found Mahal sleeping and pinned him.

This would be Truth's 5th time as 24/7 Champion and we could see more title changes in Saudi Arabia because Truth will be on the show and will likely be involved in the 50-man battle royal.

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WWE 24/7 title history so far:

1. Titus O'Neil
2. Robert Roode
3. R-Truth
4. Elias
5. R-Truth
6. Jinder Mahal
7. R-Truth
8. Elias
9. R-Truth
10. Jinder Mahal
11. R-Truth