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Photo Credit: Scott Finklestein


Young Bucks could have softened their stance about heading to WWE

The Young Bucks are making great money on the indie wrestling scene and are running a merchandising empire. Some people thought selling out a 10,000 seat building for an indie show in 2018 was impossible but along with Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks were able to make it happen.

While going to WWE is the destination for many people in pro wrestling it seems that might not have been the case for Nick and Matt Jackson. They’ve commented in the past about being hesitant about making the move to WWE for many reasons. There is an obvious worry about how they would be used in WWE along with the fact they’re doing quite well on their own.

Many fans can’t help but wonder just how much bigger the Young Bucks could be if they were inserted into the WWE machine. But at the same time, there is also concern WWE might change aspects of the Young Bucks that made them so special to begin with.

Nick Jackson recently commented on the possibility of signing with WWE and he didn’t shoot it down. He actually used the time-honored “never say never” phrase and revealed they still have 6 months left in their current ROH contracts.

This is a very interesting response to the question and it really makes us wonder what the pro wrestling landscape could look like a year from now when we’re not only closer to SmackDown Live’s debut on Fox but we could have some exciting new additions to the roster as well. Only time will tell though, but “never say never.”

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