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Young Bucks give shout out to Ronda Rousey for wearing their merch at WWE Performance Center

Ronda Rousey is working hard on her WWE debut. She obviously realizes how important of a role she has at WrestleMania and the number of people who would love to be in her spot.

It certainly looks like she’s taking it very seriously as she trains for her big Mania tag match alongside Kurt Angle against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Rousey was recently featured in a few online videos while she worked out in the WWE performance center. She was pretty focused on her strength training during her time at the PC but some people zeroed in on her t-shirt of choice.

As it turns out, Rousey was wearing some Young Bucks merch at the WWE Performance Center which really seemed out of place inside a company where Nick and Matt Jackson seem to be blackballed after their own Raw Invasion.

If you thought this would get by The Young Bucks, then you are mistaken. It didn’t take long for Matt Jackson to notice Ronda sporting their Mount Rushmore t-shirt and comment on it.

It is very interesting that Rousey picked this shirt to wear and really makes me wonder how WWE staff would have reacted if it had been anyone other than Rowdy Ronda sporting Young Bucks merch inside WWE’s famous training facility.

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