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Photo Credit: WWE (Ziggler), YouTube (Paytas)

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YouTube personality rips Dolph Ziggler for flaking out on her, says he is leaving wrestling soon

YouTube personality Trisha Paytas posted a YouTube video where she calls out a wrestler she had been talking to. According to her, she was supposed to meet up with him but he “flaked out” on her and didn’t bother to text her until she reached out to him. In the video, she reads some of the text messages from Ziggler.

She said, “Let this be a lesson to all men. If this guy – fucking Dolph Ziggler – who is traditionally good looking [and] has a good job…even he is not worth it, girls. Don’t let someone disrespect your fucking time and it’s bullshit. He is not that hot. Honestly, I can’t remember the sex so it must have not been that good.”

She added that the relationship with Ziggler caused her to turn down a really good guy. She ended by saying, “by the way, for all of you wrestling fans, wrestling is fucking fake. This man is a 37-year-old man and not a God who is fucking leaving wrestling soon anyways.”

She also talks about dating another wrestler in the past. That person’s name is not mentioned but name drop’s Ziggler’s name at 9:52 in the video below. Call me crazy but I think most adults just deal with the situation privately and don’t post their dating issues on YouTube in front of millions of people.

Check out the video below and be warned that there is NSFW language.

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