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Zack Ryder: I got sniped at the last second for USA Lex Luger Hasbro prototype

WWE Superstar Zack Ryder is not featured much on WWE television but he’s a busy guy. In addition to his matches at live events, he’s a big-time wrestling figure collector. While in New York City, Ryder told us about an action figure that slipped away from him on eBay.

“I just got outbid on this USA Lex Luger Hasbro prototype…I got sniped at the last second.” Ryder said someone bought the figure for a whopping $8,100 and he would have gotten his hands on it but someone bid on it at the last second.

You can hear more about this on his Major Wrestling Figure Podcast with Curt Hawkins.

Ryder said that he has insurance on the room where his collection is stored. ‘Half a million dollars,” Ryder said on what he thinks the value is for his wrestling figure collection. “The goal is to be the Micahel Jordan of wrestling figure collecting. To have them all.”

Ryder also talked about how lucrative the classic wrestling t-shirt business is… with a shout out to @Wrestling4Sale on Instagram.

WrestleMania is returning to the New York/New Jersey area in 2019, so it would make sense for Ryder to be involved. He was asked who he would like to face. He said, “I’d love to go against Curt Hawkins, a fellow New York, fellow Long Island guy.”

Ryder also picked his personal wrestling Mount Rushmore. He named Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Steve Austin, and John Cena. Hard to argue with that list.

Ryder is one of the longest tenured WWE Superstars on the roster. So, what is the secret to the longevity? He said, “My hashtag is #AlwaysReady and it’s more than just a hashtag. I’m ready for any opportunity. I stay ready 365.”

Ryder also gave his thoughts on some of the most underutilized wrestlers on the roster. “I think Miz and Dolph Ziggler. They get used but I don’t think people realize how good they really are. Until you’re in the ring with them, then you’re like ‘wow, these guys are great.’ I don’t think they get enough credit.”

Check out the video below:

(Thanks to Adam Glyn)

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