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Zack Ryder wins unexpected award

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Zack Ryder wins unexpected award

Zack Ryder had a pretty great thing going with his YouTube channel. There’s a reason why he was WWE’s inaugural Internet Champion, after all. Nobody quite did it like the Broski and his episodes of Z True Hollywood Stories kept fans in stitches and on the edge of their seat to see what would happen and who might pop up next.

In some ways Being The Elite could owe something to Ryder for paving the way. Because no matter how much the Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, and the rest of the BC crew reinvent and revolutionize the idea of online angles (like they do with pretty much everything else they touch) you’ve got to give a hat tip to Long Island Iced Z.

Although Zack Ryder hasn’t updated his YouTube Channel in years, he still received a pretty cool award for it because the former Intercontinental Champion just got a 100,000 subscriber plaque in the mail. Even though this just happened he still considers it a Throwback Thursday picture seeing how he hasn’t updated his channel in nearly seven years.

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