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Zelina Vega discusses her decision to return to WWE



Zelina Vega made her return to WWE on the July 2nd episode of WWE SmackDown where she was added to the Women's Money in the Bank ladder match. Since that time, she’s been able to work with top stars such as Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks, but has yet to win a match.

Vega had been released from WWE in November 2020 after reportedly breaching her contract. Many fans thought she would go to AEW once Andrade, who she managed in WWE, got out of his contract with WWE. However, she went back to WWE.

Vega was asked about the decision to return to the company while speaking to Stephanie Chase at Digital Spy. It all comes down to her feeling like she had unfinished business especially since she had only been booked as a manager despite her in-ring background.

"I think more than anything, WWE has always been a place where I felt like I had some sort of unfinished business with. For me, as a kid, I want to be a champion and there are so many things you want to accomplish. Coming back I set my eyes on the SmackDown Women's Championship. That's what I'm focused on the most and see where that takes me. Because after Bianca vs. Sasha, who knows. Will it be Bianca that remains champion or will it be Sasha? Either one, I'm coming after them and I can't wait for that opportunity.”

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Vega was also asked about whether she came up with different ideas for her character or new things she could do.

"I had time for both and sometimes, you do need that mental break. It may not be wrestling, it may be anything. You take your time, revitalize yourself, get refreshed and you can dive back into that creative side of you and think 'what can I do differently?' or 'how can I add this style to my moveset?'

She later added, “as a manager, I never got to add too much of a lucha style to me. Now, I can display that especially with people like Toni Storm, Bianca, and Sasha. It's gonna be cool to mix it up with them and see a whole new side of me."

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below (quotes can be found at the start of the video):