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Zelina Vega explains why she wanted to keep her marriage to Aleister Black a secret, how Triple H reacted to the news

WWE Superstar Zelina Vega is the guest this week on “Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia.”

Vega talks about her marriage to fellow WWE Superstar Aleister Black, why they are perfect for each other, whether she would want to be an on-air couple with her husband, her recent match with Raw Women’s Champion Asuka, paying her dues in WWE, her goals and more.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Vega was asked how the word leaked when she married Aleister Black as she wanted to keep it a secret: “I don’t know. To this day, we don’t know. There were a few people we had to tell. Obviously, this person didn’t do it, but we were excited to tell Triple H and Stephanie because we look at them like parents. We call Triple H Papa H and Steph, Mama Steph. I remember when I first told Hunter, he said, ‘You guys are together?’ I said, ‘yea, we are getting married.’ He was so confused. He said, ‘you fooled me.’ He was so happy and supportive. At that point, we had just told them and then a few days after, it slipped out in front of a few friends. Later, we told my Mom. Terry Taylor came to the wedding. At the wedding, we said, ‘I know you guys are taking pictures. I’m glad you are here and having fun but please don’t post anything on social media. We want to keep this here.’ He went to NXT the next week and said, ‘oh, my favorite married couple.’ I’m like, Terry. I don’t know. It could have been a few things but I also know the dirt sheets can look it up online. Marriage certificates are online for public stuff so I think that’s probably how it happened.”

Vega was asked why she wanted to keep it a secret: “There’s a few reasons why I thought it might affect us. With Andrade, Aleister was our enemy. There could be this huge conspiracy that they can say that the reason why Andrade lost the title was because of me. They would say she jumped on him and he did the Black Mass and she was with him the whole time. I had seen a few times in history where real life bleeds into storylines and it can get a little messy. So I didn’t want any of that and Aleister didn’t want it either.”

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