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A WWE clerical error allowed Aleister Black to debut on AEW Dynamite 35 days after his release

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

After AEW Dynamite, many fans were left wondering how the former Aleister Black could debut if he was under a 90-day contract with WWE.

As reported by PWInsider, a clerical error opened the door for Black (using the name Malakai Black) to debut tonight in a segment that saw him attacking Arn Anderson and Cody Rhodes.

Basically what happened was this...when Black was moved from NXT to the main roster a few years ago, the company forgot to update the standard 30-day non-compete to 90 days that is given to all main roster members.

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This mistake allowed him to be free from his non-compete 30 days after his release and that is how he was able to jump to AEW tonight.

One has to wonder if other wrestlers that were released also had the same clerical error on their contracts. If that is the case, then they would be free to sign with any promotion as of now.

If you missed it, here is the video of Black's AEW debut: