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AEW All Out results: Adam Cole joins The Elite, Bryan Danielson makes AEW debut

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

This year's AEW All Out pay-per-view ended with Kenny Omega defending the AEW World Championship against Christian Cage.

Omega started the match by charging at Christian but Christian moved and almost hit the Killswitch. They fought outside of the ring and Chritian hit a dive off the top onto Omega on the floor. Omega came back and he set up a table on Christian's body on the ring floor. Omega ran from the ring apron and hit a double stomp that broke the table over Christian's body.

Back in the ring, Christian hit chops to the chest and then a Texas Cloverleaf attempt but Omega broke free and hit a clothesline and a pin attempt. Omega continued the offense with an attack in the corner and by slamming Christian on his back. Omega hit more chops and punches in the corner and then he pushed Christian off the top rope to the floor.

Omega tried a moonsault off the barricade but he slipped. He tried it again and hit it on Christian on the floor. The match moved back into the ring and Christian fought back with right hands but Omega sent him into the turnbuckle. Omega then followed up with an UshiGoroshi into a pin attempt. Christian fought back and hit a hurricanrana off the top but he was too hurt to make a cover.

Christian hit punches in the orner and Omega tried the One Winged Angel but Christian countered and resumed the punches in th corner. Christian tried for the cloverleaf submission but Omega broke free but Christian hit the back first DDt into a pin attempt. Christian charaged and Omega hit a knee strike to the chin. Christian fought back with a swinging DDT into a pin attempt. Omega fought back with elbow strikes to the back and a leg lariat and a v-trigger. Omega hit two snap dragon suplexes. Christian flipped him off and so Omega hit another one and then a v-trigger. Omega tried to hit a German suplex off the apron through a table that was set up earlier but Christian fought back and he attmpted a Killswitch but Christian slid out. Christian then speared Omega through the table at ringside.

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Both men made it back to the ring before the 10 count and Christian speared Omega in the back and then followed up with a regular spear but Omega kicked out of the pin attempt. Chritian hit a splash but Omega got the knees up. Omega hit several knees to the face. Christian fought back and countered into the cloverleaf but Don Callis called out The Good Brothers but Christian fought them off. Christian hit the killswitch but Omega kicked out of the pin attempt.

Callis got in the ring and the distraction allowed Omega to recover. Christian tried the killswitch off the top but Omega gouged the eyes and then he hit One Winged Angel off the top to win the match. The rest of The Elite walked out to celebrate with Omega. They attacked Christian and Jurassic Express ran out but they were outnumbered.

Omega grabbed the mic and said that no one is on his level and when it comes to the AEW belt, the only people that would ever have a chance to win it are not in AEW or they are already tired or dead. The lights went out...

Adam Cole walked out and superkicked Jungle Boy. Cole then hugged The Elite. Cole grabbed the mic and said The Elite is the most dominant faction in the business and there is no chance in hell that someone could stop them. Omega said that is a happy ending and he bid everyone adieu.

The lights went out again...Bryan Danielson showed up and a brawl broke out with Danielson on the babyface side taking out The Elite with the help of Jurassic Express and Christian.

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