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AEW All Out results: Cody Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears, Arn Anderson gets involved


The bitter rivalry with former best friends culminated at AEW All Out on Saturday night in Chicago, IL. Tully Blanchard was in Spears' corner and MJF was in Cody's corner.

The match got started right away when Cody dove through the ropes and onto Spears at ringside. Cody also landed a punch on Blanchard. Cody and Spears brawled through the crowd in the opening minute of the match. The match officially got started when they made it back to the ring.

The momentum shifted when Blanchard grabbed Cody from behind to allow a cheap shot from Spears to the gut. Blanchard interfered throughout the match and the announcers pointed out that MJF did not do much for Rhodes at ringside.

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Rhodes took a Death Valley Driver onto the steel rampway. It looked brutal. Cody eventually recovered and hit the Cross Rhodes but he didn't get a pin because referee Earl Hebner was distracted by Blanchard. Blanchard and MJF faced off in the ring but it was broken up by Spears hitting a bicycle kick to MJF's face. Blanchard attacked MJF at ringside as Arn Anderson walked to the ring. Arn hit the spinebuster on Spears as Blanchard looked on in shock. Spears tried to bring a chair into the ring but Cody caught him with a kick to the face. Cody grabbed the chair but he tossed it aside and then delivered the flip flop and fly and then hit the disaster kick onto a chair on the skull and then the Cross Rhodes for the win.

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