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In the main event of AEW All Out, Jon Moxley put his AEW World Championship on the line against CM Punk.

Punk hit a flurry of offense at the start of the match and he hit the GTS within the first couple of minutes but Mox kicked out of the pin attempt. After this, they brawled into the crowd.

Punk was bloodied and Moxley dominated a larger part of the match but Punk slowly began getting some offense in about midway through the match. Very late in the match, Punk tried the GTS but Mox countered into the Death Rider and Punk kicked out of the pin attempt. Mox locked in the bulldog choke but Punk powered out of it.

Mox locked in the choke again but Punk rolled through and he hit the GTS but Mox landed on Punk's back as both men were exhausted. Punk stood up with Mox on his back and he hit the GTS. He pinned Mox to win the title.

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The lights went out as Punk was in the ring. A voicemail played with Tony Khan's voice saying that he is willing to swallow a bitter pill. Khan was heard saying that he would increase his pay and he won't have to sign an extension. They played Punk in ROH talking about the greatest thing the devil ever did.

The joker showed up and revealed himself to be MJF...the devil himself. MJF's music played and he appeared on the stage and he did a gesture to say that he's going to win Punk's title.

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