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AEW All Out results: MJF vs. Chris Jericho

MJF vs. Chris Jericho kicked off the third hour of action at AEW All Out in Chicago.

MJF’s entrance started with a tease that it was Jericho coming out because they played a version of the countdown clock that was shown for Jericho’s WWE debut. Jericho had a live rendition of his theme played by Billy Grey from Fozzy.

Early in the match, Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho but MJF countered into a pin attempt. The match then spilled into the crowd and then back to ringside. Jericho took a stantion tossed it on MJF’s head. Jericho then followed up with a springboard dropkick.

MJF took control of the match after he countered a baseball slide. Jericho came back with a suplex and elbows and chops to the face and chest. Jericho then hit a bulldog and a backbreaker into a pin attempt. MJF hit a double stomp to the left arm and then tossed Jericho onto his head in the corner of the ring. MJF continued to work on Jericho’s arm. MJF also hit a heat seeker on the ring apron and that knocked Jericho to the floor. Jericho barely made it back in before the count of 10. MJF tried an Asai moonsault but Jericho countered and slammed MJF’s back on the apron.

Both men stood up and traded blows to the head and body. Jericho then went for a move off the top but MJF countered into a jawbreaker and a pin attempt. Jericho hit a lionsault and then tried to pin but MJF kicked out. Jericho hit several arm shots to the body in the corner and then he punched MJF in the corner before trying a hurricanrana that MJF countered into a slam off the top.

Moments later, Jericho hit a codebreaker off the second rope and almost scored the pinfall. Wardlow walked out to the ring but then Jake Hager ran out to take him out. Referees ran out as Hager and Wardlow brawled to the backstage area. During all of this, MJF grabbed the bat and hit Jericho in the head with it. MJF hit the Judas Effect and pinned Jericho but Aubrey Edwards did not see Jericho putting his foot on the bottom rope. A second referee went out to tell Aubrey what happened.

Aubrey restarted the match and Jericho went for a roll up, MJF kicked out and then locked in the armbar submission. Jericho countered into a pin attempt and then the Walls of Jericho. MJF tapped out. The Inner Circle walked to the ring to celebrate with Jericho.

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