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AEW All Out results: Paul Wight vs. QT Marshall

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Paul Wight made his return to the ring against QT Marshall at AEW All Out in Chicago.

Marshall had Aaron Solow and Nick Comoroto in his corner. They were sent over the top by Wight and then the match got started.

Wight hit chops to the chest in the corner and then he put his entire body weight on his back. Marshall came back with a dropkick to the hip and punches to the head. Wight sent Marshall out of the ring as he kicked out of a pin attempt.

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Marshall ran back in and tried a diamond cutter but Wight shoved him off. Wight also chopped Solow and punched Comoroto before hitting a shoulder block. Mashall tried a move off the top but Wight caught him and hit a chokeslam.

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