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Jamie Hayter challenged Toni Storm for the interim AEW Women's World Championship at Full Gear in New Jersey.

They went back and forth to start the match until Storm took out Hayter with the hip attack and continued the attack outside of the ring. Hayter recovered and took over on offense for a few minutes after they got back in the ring. 

Storm turned things around. She hit the hip attack and a diving cross body off the top. Rebel ran out during the match, despite Hayter saying that she didn't want any help during the match. Storm's nose was busted open after taking some stiff forearms to the face. 

Rebel hit Storm with the belt to the face. Hayter hit the sliding Lariat but Storm kicked out. The referee kicked Rebel out and Storm recovered in time to hit her own Lariat. Storm went for the hip attack but Hayter ducked and Britt Baker stomped her. Hayter hit the Storm Zero but Storm kicked out. Storm hit a German suplex and Storm Zero but Hayter kicked out. 

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Baker caused a distraction, Hayter hit the Hayter Breaker but again, Toni Storm kicked out. Hayter hit a Lariat and back elbows in the corner. Baker was up on the turnbuckle, Hayter was shoved into her but Hayter recovered to hit the Lariat and she won the title. Baker and Hayter hugged after the match.

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