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Swerve In Our Glory challenged The Acclaimed for the AEW World Tag Team Titles at Full Gear in Newark, New Jersey.

Billy Gunn did not come out with The Acclaimed during their entrance. Anthony Bowens had his right shoulder taped up and Excalibur noted that his arm has been in a sling since Dynamite.

In the first minute, Lee was clotheslined out of the ring and it was a rough landing on his knee on the apron. Later in the match, Lee saved Swerve from falling through a guardrail that was set up earlier by Swerve. But then Lee went through the guardrail after Caster hit a cross body off the top rope.

Lee saved Swerve again later in the match when Swerve was almost pinned after taking the arrival and the mic drop. Caster kicked out after a Fall From Glory move and the fans erupted on that spot. Swerve took out Caster at ringside and then he tried to use the pliers on Caster's fingers but Billy Gunn ran out. Billy was taken to the back by the officials. Swerve gave Lee the pliers but he tossed it out. Swerve then slapped Lee.

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Lee helped Bowens up and then walked out on his partner. There was a bunch of near falls on Swerve. The Acclaimed finally hit their finisher and retained their titles. 

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