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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

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AEW has plans to do an old school match that might upset some people

During the All Elite Wrestling panel at C2E2 in Chicago, a question was asked about old school matches.

Cody Rhodes said that there will be an announcement tomorrow about an old school concept that might upset some people. It sounded like he meant that it could upset people in WWE.

Although nothing is confirmed, he could be talking about “The Match Beyond,” the name used for the final stage of WarGames after all participants are in the match. Cody owns the trademark for “The Match Beyond” and he has applied for several other trademarks related to concepts created by his father Dusty Rhodes.

The following trademarks are owned by Cody Rhodes:

– Slamboree
– The Match Beyond
– Dusty Rhodes
– The American Dream
– SuperBrawl
– Bash at the Beach
– The American Nightmare
– The Prince of Wrestling
– Bunkhouse Stampede
– BattleBowl

The pay-per-view names listed above were created by Dusty Rhodes. Starrcade was also created by Dusty but that trademark is owned by WWE.

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