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Eddie Kingston isn’t the only AEW wrestler that has had a mix-up with Sammy Guevara, as Andrade El Idolo mentioned he had some difficulties with the former TNT Champion.

Things got physical between Kingston and Guevara a few months ago once Guevara returned backstage from a promo segment as Kingston confronted Guevara.

Guevara referred to Kingston as a "fat piece of sh**' during the promo, which Kingston took exception to as he felt it buried the match if a "fat piece of sh**" beat him. Once backstage, Kingston yelled at Guevara, who smiled at him, and Kingston responded by pie facing Guevara. Kingston was suspended for two weeks. Kingston and Guevara have since put the issue behind them.

While speaking with Más Lucha, Andrade spoke about how he learned from the backstage fight between The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson), Ace Steel and CM Punk at AEW All Out that caused them to be suspended. He also shared a story where Sammy was upset with him because he hit too hard in the ring. 

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"I learned about the gossip initially via social media with many headlines saying "The guy fought this guy" and all that. Everyone usually stays in the same hotel on Wednesday for Dynamite until the Thursday after. I trained in the gym and then a guy reached out to me and asked if I had heard about the altercation and I was like "What? When? What happened?!". I learned that there was an issue between Kenny (Omega) & CM Punk. The two of them have always greeted me well, and I got nothing bad to say about them, and the same thing goes for The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson). They are all good with me, but I did have one issue with a wrestler. I am going to say his name, it was Sammy Guevara. I had an issue with him because he once came to the locker room and complained that we hit him too hard. It's wrestling, solve it in the ring. If I hit hard, hit me hard too. I learned that he came in and that he accused me like a little girl. After I learned about it, I spoke to him and asked if he had an issue with me, but he said he did not and that's all there was to it. It's funny because not even in WWE. For example, Sheamus likes to hit, and all my respect for him because he loves to hit hard and loves the strikes. He is wild. Even The Miz likes to throw strikes. Not even John Cena complained about me, so if he did not complain, imagine this kid who is just starting, but there's that."

Andrade is set to face Preston "10" Vance in a Mask vs. Career Match on Friday’s episode of AEW Rampage. As noted, Andrade also discussed his position in AEW. Click below for the entire interview:

H/T to Fightful for the transcription