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Andrade El Idolo has been teasing the idea of leaving AEW even though company president Tony Khan reportedly has no plans of releasing any wrestlers right now.

AEW is going with the teases as they’ve announced that Andrade will wrestle 10 of the Dark Order in a Mask vs. Career Match on this week’s Rampage episode. If Andrade loses the match, then he must leave the promotion.

Andrade has expressed unhappiness about not being featured as much as he had expected. There have been rumors that he was one of the names that WWE reached out to.

While speaking with Más Lucha, Andrade opened up about his AEW run. He also spoke about the touring schedule that WWE has.

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“Right now, I feel a little stagnant. I feel like I want more. I feel like although I have a good contract, the schedule is good. I like the schedule because WWE was inhuman. It was quite a lot. People cannot imagine, they think because he is fighting on TV, it is the only time he fights. There are non-televised matches in other cities, and other countries. Right now, it’s difficult because I want more. I feel like I want more now that Rush is back. It’s the pressure that we want more.”

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H/T to Cultaholic for the transcription