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Brian Cage and Taz may be splitting up already

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

It looks like there is already trouble between Brian Cage and his manager Taz.

This past Wednesday, Cage never submitted to AEW World Champion Jon Moxley but the match ended when Tax threw in the towel.

Now it looks like Cage is not happy with his manager and he noted on Twitter that he has considered relieving Taz of his duties. If this happens, then it would be a quick end to their business relationship as Taz and Cage have only been paired for a few weeks.

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For what it’s worth, Jim Ross had this to say on Busted Open Radio about Taz overshadowing Cage:

“We had some camera work that we need to be more aware of. Taz does not need to be standing in front of Brian Cage. I’m not knocking Taz. He may take it that way, but so be it. Nonetheless, we have to have better positioning in that regard. Taz has cut some damn good promos. I really enjoyed those quite frankly. When Brian got the FTW belt, he didn’t register it one bit. He was nonplussed. So, if it didn’t mean sh*t to him, then why should it mean sh*t to me, or you, or the fans? There have been a lot of good things in this build. I like Taz’s heel work. His promo work is as good as anybody we have right now, quite frankly. But, Cage has got to show more personality…He is a hell of an athlete and sometimes he works as a babyface with all the flying stuff and that may need to be addressed. It’s a learning process.”

Here is what Cage said today on Twitter:

“It's been a rough couple of days, and @OfficialTAZ and I have gone back and forth. I've considered relieving him of his duties, and wanted to immediately after the match. I'll wait and see how I feel after the weekend.”

“Regardless, I never tapped. I wasn't gonna tap. I only need one arm to drop mox on his head. I technically may no longer be undefeated, but I'm still unbeaten. And more importantly, the answer to the question "who betta than cage?", is still NOBODY!”